For Immediate Release

Two longstanding organizations are working closely together to drive interest and investment to the Grand Forks area. Over the years, Community Futures Boundary and the Boundary Country Regional Chamber of Commerce have collaborated on a number of economic development initiatives. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been working together to support businesses throughout the Boundary Region.  

In this spirit of collaboration, we are especially pleased to announce a strategic alignment of our work in order to implement a promotional plan for Grand Forks.  Together, we will align marketing and promotional efforts to increase tourism, citizen attraction and inbound investment.    

This work takes into consideration past marketing and promotional efforts, Roger Brooks’s recommendations and activities currently underway. “We have engaged with the Lochaven Consulting team who bring a wealth of experience, insight, and expertise in marketing and promotions. By working together we will have the opportunity to achieve a course of action uniquely suited to Grand Forks” says Manager of Community Economic Development, Sandy Elzinga.

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Sandy Elzinga, Manager of Community Economic Development
Community Futures Boundary
(250) 442-2722 ext. 253

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