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Susan Green

Susan Green

Business Analyst

As a Business Analyst and Lender, Susan Green has helped many entrepreneurs throughout the Boundary Region realize their business dreams and goals. She will assist with all business enquires, through all stages of business from start-up to expansion, large or small. Her keen business acumen skills and practical solutions will help ensure long-term success for your business. She offers clients professional service and absolute confidentiality. Simply put, Susan Green is a lender with heart.

Contact: 250 442 2722 ext 222 |
Valerie Alekson

Valerie Alekson

Loans Administration

Valerie joined Community Futures Boundary in November 2014. Currently working in the business loans department, she enjoys being part of the team that helps clients attain their business goals.
Valerie is multi-faceted, and is also trained in the Work BC program as a Resource Centre Advisor & Customized Employment Specialist. She is certified in Job Development, Customized Employment Level 1 & Level 2, Understanding Addictions, Mental Health First Aid, ASIST, and Solution-Focused Strategies and is trained as a Job Coach.

Contact: 250 442 2722 ext 221 |
Sandy Elzinga

Sandy Elzinga

Community Economic Development Manager

Sandy grew up in Grand Forks BC, and is proud to call this beautiful community her home. She was introduced to the world of small business at the early age of 9, where her families’ source of livelihood was dependent on farming. She learned the value of hard work and the critical importance of agriculture in our local economy. Her varied experience in the non-profit sector involves; frontline customer service, administration, employment counselling and project management. In her current role as Manager of Community Economic Development for Grand Forks, Sandy seeks to be involved in programs and services that meaningfully support our local businesses and enrich the rural communities of the Boundary Region.

Contact: 250 442 2722 ext 253 |
Jennifer Wetmore

Jennifer Wetmore

General Manager

Jennifer is passionate about rural communities, small business and is especially interested in how small rural regions thrive, even in the face of significant challenges. As General Manager, Jennifer oversees all CFB projects, staff and operations. She is a life-long learner who embraces creativity and innovation and brings many years of project management, sales, marketing and community development experience. She is a proud mother, an avid reader, a ski enthusiast, and a gardener. She is the person to see to discuss strategic partnerships, economic development opportunities, and anything related to the health and wellbeing of the Boundary Region’s economy.

Contact: 250 442 2722 ext 225  |
Andrea Zibin

Andrea Zibin

Case Manager

Andrea joined Community Futures Boundary in 2000 and since then, has worked with numerous programs; including the Job Wave Program, Ministry of Income Assistance – Road Ahead Program, Self-Employment Programs, Wage Subsidies, Job Creation Partnerships, Opportunities Fund Programs, and Employment Insurance programs, like negotiated training supports. Currently she is a Case Manager and facilitates various Employment workshops and the Boundary Interagency Group Meetings. She holds a Career Facilitator Certificate, Job Developer Certification and is a Certified Career Development Practitioner through the Career Management Association of B.C. 


Contact: 250 442 2722 ext 227 |
Adrianna Goodsen

Adrianna Goodson

Case Manager

Adrianna joined Community Futures Boundary in February 2016 as a Resource Worker and Administrative Assistant, before transitioning into her current role as Outreach Case Manager for the West Boundary. With over 26 years of customer service experience and a career history encompassing a wide variety of fields, she considers it a privilege to be able to assist clients in achieving their employment goals. She is a believer in lifelong learning and encouraging others to view their challenges as opportunities rather than obstacles.

Contact: 250 445 6618 |
Lena Holmes

Lena Holmes

Case Manager

Lena has worked with Community Futures Boundary since 2014, and has worked as a Case Manager with the WorkBC program since 2017. Her passion for working with people is what has positioned her for success in this role. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care, is a Certified Career Development Practitioner, and has over 10 years of experience working/volunteering in the Human Services field. Lena loves her animals, and spends most of her spare time spoiling them.

Contact: 250 442 2722 ext 232 |

Dylan Zorn

Employment Services Team Leader

Dylan has been working with Community Futures Boundary since 2008. During that period, Dylan has worked as a Youth Coordinator, Resource Worker, Essential Skills Co-ordinator, and Case Manager. His knowledge and involvement with the WorkBC Program has been invaluable for his current role as Employment Services Team Leader. Dylan currently holds a Career Development Practitioner Certificate to complement a BA Degree in Youth Work and a Diploma in Outdoor Recreational Leadership. Dylan has also completed courses in Customized Employment and Job Development. These enable him to work more efficiently with employers who are seeking to hire new employees. Dylan´s innovative, inquisitive, and problem solving style continues to seek out creative solutions to our ever changing client needs.

Contact: 250 442 2722 ext 231 |
Caroline Todoruk

Caroline Todoruk

Case Manager / Self Employment Program Case Manager

Caroline returned, after a brief hiatus, to work as a Case Manager at WorkBC / Community Futures in April 2019, and recently assumed the role of Self-Employment Program Case Manager as well. She is an experienced Case Manager, and a certified Career Development Practitioner, she enjoys working with people to enter or return to the workforce, and realize their career or self-employment goals through WorkBC programs. Caroline has spent nearly her entire career in the Human Services field assisting individuals to navigate government programs and to advocate on their behalf when necessary.

Contact: 250 442 2722 ext 230 |
Eliza Flanagan

Eliza Flanagan

Customized Employment Specialist

Eliza is a Customized Employment Specialist at WorkBC, assisting job seekers with
diverse abilities in their journey to customized employment. Eliza’s lifework has been
dedicated to serving her community and she is passionate about equal opportunity for
all. Eliza has a background in human services and has had success in assisting
individuals to recognize their strengths and realize their self-directed goals.  Eliza has a
Masters degree in Social Science from RMIT University, Australia. When not at the
office, you will find Eliza working on her land in Grand Forks with her fiance and dog
with a bar of chocolate not too far out of reach.

Contact: 250 442 2722 ext 226 |
Lori Wakefield

Lori Wakefield

Financial Administrator

Lori commenced employment with Community Futures Boundary in 2009, and brings over 18 years of expertise in the accounting profession. In her role as Financial Administrator, Lori manages multiple government funded contracts and performs all accounting and payroll functions for the organization.

Contact: 250 442 2722 ext 228 |

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