For Immediate Release

Community Futures British Columbia (CFBC), in partnership with Community Futures offices across BC, is actively following the continuously evolving circumstances relating to the wildfire situation in our province. Our hearts go out to all residents and businesses impacted.

Following on the heels of an unprecedented pandemic, rural small business across this province is, once again, being tested. We understand how incredibly resilient our businesses are and want to remind the communities at risk that Community Futures is here to help navigate these incredibly challenging times.

In response, CFBC is encouraging all rural small businesses impacted to call our toll-free line and speak with our team of experienced professionals who will help to guide them through the resources currently available. In addition, a Wildfire Business Support website has been developed for businesses needing assistance maneuvering available resources.

Community Futures stands beside small business.

  1. Community Futures’ Toll-Free Line: 1- 888-303-2232
  2. Wildfire Business Support Website:

For more information contact:

Debra Arnott
Community Futures Sun Country

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