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The Tailored Treehouse

“Community Futures helped me so much in making a plan and getting my business going.”

The Tailored Treehouse Owner

The Tailored Treehouse

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Home based seamstress for ‘grow-with-me’ children’s clothes in Grand Forks.

Hailee Grimard is a seamstress and the owner of The Tailored Treehouse, a Grand Forks business that specializes in ‘grow-with-me’ children’s clothes!

We asked Hailee to tell us a bit about her business and here’s what she said:

“My business is a home based, handmade baby and children clothing business. I strive to bring quality pieces and materials along with options that can be customized to all budgets.

“Most of the clothing I offer is grouped in with the ‘grow with me’ trend. Which means when you buy a pair of pants, your kids aren’t going to grow out of them in 6 months. You can count on that piece fitting for 1 to 3 years.

“I will be bringing in small amounts of fabric on a regular basis so most things you see are going to be unique, custom. I can do sibling sets. Gifts sets. Special drops for the holidays. I can keep an eye out for certain prints that you love.”

We also asked Hailee why she loves working and doing business here in the Boundary and here is what she said:

‘Moving to Grand Forks I was fortunate to have the opportunity to spend the first year at home with my kids. Right away, I noticed how many families and great programs we have here and how little we had for children’s clothing!

“Taking a complete career change from carpentry, I decided that this was something I would love to offer to the community, and something I could still do while being a stay at home parent.

“I bought a sewing machine and have been learning ever since how to put together quality pieces. I am really looking forward to constantly improving and continue to offer more patterns and more options. I just have so many ideas!”

Hailee also says the many outdoor activities and things to do are a huge draw for her and her family!

The Tailored Treehouse has been a part of Community Futures Business Advisory Program, and Hailee says this program helped her so much in making a plan and getting her business going!

Hailee hopes to make appearances at local markets this summer so make sure to watch for her!

Also, you can visit her Facebook page and make any purchases there!