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SLOKA Machining

“Community Futures is a wealth of knowledge …”

Joey and Tyrell Polzin, owners of SLOKA Machining in Grand Forks

SLOKA Machining

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Sloka Machining, 805 Highway 3, Grand Forks, BC

Have you heard of Sloka Machining?

Run by Tyrell and Joey Polzin, Sloka Machining is exactly what it sounds like – a new machine shop based out of Grand Forks.

Sloka Machining is a place where you can get all your welding, metal fabrication, and steel needs met. Tyrell does custom work and is excited to bring his previous years of experience with him into his brand-new shop to serve the Boundary area.

We interviewed the Polzin’s about their experience with our Self Employment Program, and they have allowed us to share with you their own words regarding the process they walked through to get themselves up and running.

Community Futures: How did the Self Employment Program benefit your business?

Polzins: “It allowed Sloka Machining to re-invest funds in the business by not having to pay wages in the start-up phase when there were additional expected and unexpected expenses.”

Community Futures: What did the program/service from Community Futures involve?

Polzins: “It allowed us to realistically look at all aspects of what goes into starting up a business and made us consider various areas of a new business that we would have otherwise overlooked.”

Community Futures: Tell us a little bit about your business and how you got started?

Polzins: “Tyrell was working at another machine shop in Grand Forks which has since closed and carried on with his knowledge and experience and opened up Sloka Machining. Sloka Machining does manual machining, welding, metal fabrication and steel sales.”

Community Futures: Why do you choose to do business in the Boundary region?

Polzins: “There is a large client base in the Boundary region that requires custom machining. We also both grew up in the Boundary region and love that we get to raise our two children here.”

Community Futures: What advice would you give to someone considering working with Community futures?

Polzins: “Take the time to read through all the information that Community futures provides and ask as many questions as you need. Community futures is a wealth of knowledge, and they can offer advice in many different business areas.”

We are so thrilled that we got to work alongside this couple as they started their entrepreneurial process. If you need some machine work done, call Sloka Machining at (250) 584-5515 or email them at

As they have stated, our Self Employment Program helps new business owners develop a business plan. It also gives them training and business coaching workshops to help them get started.

Starting up something from scratch can be a daunting task, even with the excitement of realizing a dream job.

One of the hardest pieces for new business owners is being able to fund something out of their own pockets, and our Self Employment Program can help! We give you access to leadership training; we help you learn how to set yourself apart from other businesses; and we find ways to make your brand unique.

Give us a shout or look us up at Community Futures, Grand Forks, BC.