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Shering Spaces

“Community Futures is a huge supporter of local business and they are excited about what Shering Spaces has to offer.”

Shering Spaces

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Shering Spaces is located at 327 Market Avenue, Grand Forks, BC V0H 1H0

We are always excited to showcase different Boundary based businesses in our newsletter and this edition is no exception!This month we feature a brand new business in downtown Grand Forks. Shering Spaces is a place for small businesses, creators and anyone who needs a venue to pursue what they are passionate about.

Shane Chisolm and Sheri Braaksma are the proud owners, and we recently sat down with Sheri to ask her some questions about their new business.

CF: Tell us about your biz.

Sheri: Shering Spaces is a cooperative workspace for creators, small business owners and professionals to work, collaborate and network. Our space is fluid meaning we can easily change from a boardroom to a classroom to an wide open space. Our goal at Shering Spaces is to have a place for the community to gather, create and share in an open and welcoming space.

CF: Why do you choose to do business in Grand Forks?

Sheri: We chose Grand Forks for its beauty and charm. The Kootenays are so beautiful. People are very friendly and warm, definitely that small town feeling. We asked a lot of questions before we made the decision to open Shering Spaces and felt there was a need for people to meet that was not formal or a restaurant. There is also an amazing amount of artists, creators and small cottage industries in Grand Forks that could use a space to call their own for a wide variety of reasons.

CF: What do you love about living in Grand Forks?

Sheri: We feel that Grand Forks is on the verge of a big upswing and we wanted to get in on that growth. There are so many exciting things happening especially in the downtown core. We are truly enjoying being a part of it and supporting those around us. What is not to love about living in Grand Forks. We love the people, the slower pace and the open spaces.

CF: How has your business benefitted from Community Futures?

Sheri: Our relationship with Community Futures is at this point in the infancy stages. Community Futures is a huge supporter of local business and they are excited about what Shering Spaces has to offer. We are looking forward to seeing where this relationship goes.

If you are interested in renting space at Shering Spaces or simply checking it all out, you can stop by 327 Market Ave Monday-Friday 9:00-4:00.  The staff would love to meet you and show you around!