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Personal Best Medispa

“The loan Community Futures gave us was literally critical to our business.”

Personal Best Medispa

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Personal Best Medispa is located at 267 Market Avenue in Grand Forks, BC.

Personal Best Medispa Partners
Personal Best Medispa is a brand new business located on Market Ave in Grand Forks BC. If you haven’t had a chance to check them out, we recommend that you do.

The building has been completely renovated and welcomes all who come with its bright airy feel. The staff are kind and welcoming and very knowledgeable.

We had a chance to sit down with Jan O’Flaherty and ask her some questions about her new business venture and as with all her clients, she made us feel like we were chatting with an old friend.

Read on to learn more about the exciting business.

CF: “Tell us about your business”

Jan: “Personal Best Medi Spa is dedicated to helping clients look and feel their best. We offer a wide range of services from beauty & skin rejuvenation, both laser and non-laser, to wellness including pain management, spider vein removal, and Nightlase treatments to reduce snoring. Recently we’ve added a brow bar, relaxation and hot stone massage and waxing services. There’s something for everyone!

Our Fotona SP Dynamis laser system from Clarion Medical Technologies is very effective and diverse. It’s been so rewarding to see the results and positive ways the services are helping people, giving them more confidence. New people are coming in all the time and we’re so pleased to see clients return.

We have teamed with some local professionals in the beauty business, our partner and medical esthetician Ali Dickson, as well as our esthetician Harleigh Holmes. Doctor Jesse Thompson and his wife Izabela Thompson provide cosmetic and therapeutic filler services with Boundary Cosmetics, and Ali has her own microblading business with Blades and Shades also located at Personal Best Medi Spa.

The name Personal Best originated from our 4-time Olympic high jumper nephew Michael Mason who promoted the ideal of being the best you can personally be. We hope to help clients to be the best they can be, no matter what age or limitations.

CF: “Why do you choose to do business in Grand Forks?”

Jan: “It is a privilege to bring medi spa services to a smaller town where normally clients need to travel to the city to benefit from these types of treatments. There’s nothing better than hiring young people to work and stay in Grand Forks.

Restoring the building to its’ original beauty with a modern twist has also been fun and rewarding.”

CF: “What do you love about living in Grand Forks?”

Jan: “Dan and I live in Christina Lake, but to us, Grand Forks is our town. We love the small town feeling and friendliness, the two rivers and lovely scenery. We love the downtown area with its’ awesome bistros, bakeries, coffee shops, unique stores. Also, Grand Forks is growing and there are lots of new faces and new businesses. It’s very exciting!!

CF: “How has your business benefited from Community Futures?”

Jan: “The loan Community Futures gave us was literally critical for the business. It was the only way we could purchase our sophisticated Fotona laser system and the loan also helped complete the renovation. Susan Green really went to bat for us and it was so great to have local support.