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Grand Forks Station Pub

“Community Futures was a big part …”

Grand Forks Station Pub

Grand Forks Station Pub

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Grand Forks Station Pub is located at 7654 Donaldson Drive in Grand Forks, BC

The Station Pub is under new ownership!. Locals Ken and Kristie recently purchased the long-time Grand Forks business.

The Station is housed in a historic building and is a well-known restaurant/pub in Grand Forks.  Unfortunately, it was shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020. Covid-19 resulted in significant closures throughout Grand Forks. But the food and beverage sector was hit especially hard.

An Opportunity

Ken and Kristie, saw an opportunity and decided to dedicate their time and energy to see if they could make a go at this total new experience, fully understanding the risk of opening doors during a pandemic. Today, they have 22 employees whom they value and love like family. Kristie says they are all learning together to grow and nurture this historic place to visit and eat. The Station Is proud to offer craft beers on tap, domestic in a bottle, fresh item cocktails and locally grown and raised menu items for everyone to enjoy.

Community Futures Was A Big Part

Kristie says,”Community Futures was a big part of why we had the opportunity to open the doors. Covid-19 was, for many small business owners, a show stopper over the past 18 months, but the hospitality industry was drastically affected. And in return many loan requests and requests for financial assistance were being declined. Given the eligibility requirements of Government relief programs, The Station Pub fell between the cracks.

Community Futures and WorkBC stepped up and offered us the assistance to help the Station bring on new employees with the help of wage subsidy. And in return our employees were back in the working force and were able to take advantage of training and learning new skills along the way. Our employees got to be a part of opening a new business, and they were even able to take courses and attain new certificates”.

Kristie and Ken’s advice to other business owners is that you have nothing to lose when you invest in yourself and the programs offered through Community Futures Boundary and WorkBC can really take a huge load off, so go for it!

If you are looking for a great place to eat out, head to The Station Pub for delicious food and great people!