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It’s hard to believe that the snow has fallen and the Holidays are upon us!  It has been a busy few months for Community Futures Boundary.

In this newsletter we are excited to feature local business, Waikikahei Ranch.  We will highlight some of the offerings that Community Futures has right now and we will take a walk down memory lane from our 30th Anniversary Celebration this fall!

We wish everyone a safe and joyous holiday!

30th Anniversary Celebration

A big thank you from Community Futures Boundary to all who made our 30th Anniversary Celebration the success that it was!

A special thank you to all of our clients who we’ve had the honour of featuring in our Art Gallery display, and who we are so glad to be working with.

Below are a few highlights from the evening!

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30th Anniversary Celebration Photo 2
Waikikahei Ranch photo

We are always excited to showcase different Boundary based businesses in our newsletter and this edition is no exception!

This month we feature a Boundary based ranch known for its quality beef and regenerative practices, Waikikahei! 

Waikikahei is a family run ranch, focused on raising ethical, happy beef using only regenerative agriculture. They supply butchers, the public, and restaurants on a monthly basis, direct from the ranch.

Owners Scott and Amy are first generation ranchers and their passion for this lifestyle and way of farming shines through all that they do.   

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CF: What do you want people to know about your business?

Waikikahei: This is a tough one to answer. We are MORE than just a beef ranch. We focus on raising 100% grass fed and finished beef using regenerative agriculture principles and methodologies. We try and teach and inform the general public about the benefits of supporting local, buying local and seasonal and being aware of WHERE your food comes from and the implications this has on the local ecology and economy and the environment as a whole. It is not just the case of raising beef and selling beef but the whole picture, and being a lobbyist for the beef and agriculture industry in a time where farms and ranchers and livestock are being painted as the enemy to climate change, constantly trying to counter the misinformation out there. 

CF: What was your experience like working with Community Futures Boundary?

Waikikahei: Amazing! We went through a period in our business and life where we had nowhere to turn. We were being hounded by our lender and felt we were between a rock and a hard place with no way out. Community Futures was THERE with us and for us. They had faith in our business model, our business and US. They have been EXTREMELY easy to work with and very approachable with all our business needs. Running a ranch isn’t a straight forward 9-5, and definitely requires some flexibility and CF Boundary has made that transition seamless. 

Grow Your Business Online Program

With Canadian consumers moving online at a rapid pace, the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) can help get your business online, grow your e-commerce presence, or help digitalize your business’ operations.

The Grow Your Business Online program is designed to help small businesses take advantage of e-commerce opportunities and reach more customers online.

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Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

Community Futures Boundary is excited to be participating in the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) project. This program assists newcomers to apply for their Permanent Residency in Canada and supports existing employees or hiring of skilled foreign workers.  Employers are responsible for recruiting potential candidates from overseas or otherwise.

If you are an employer in the Boundary region and would like to learn more about how this program can assist with your workforce needs visit:

or contact:

Erin Rooney, Regional Coordinator – Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot
Community Futures Central Kootenay
T 250-551-5923

CF Loan Application Process

Community Futures Small Business Loans

Community Futures has been lending money to small businesses throughout the Boundary since 1992. During that time we have approved loans to well over 600 businesses.

Community Futures has loan funds available to start, buy, or expand your business. If you have a commercially viable business or project in the Boundary region, Community Futures Boundary may be able to arrange the financing you need.

Community Futures Boundary also lends to eligible not-for-profits and social enterprise entities.

Starting or expanding your business requires a lot of research and planning. Community Futures Boundary can provide you with the tools and guidance you need.

To learn more visit our website today!

Photo of Grand Forks for Invest Grand Forks

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