What We Do

Community Futures Boundary is dedicated to the economic stimulus and growth of the Boundary Area. We are an organization that is actively involved in helping entrepreneurs see their dreams become reality by offering economic services, consultations, and business loans.

We believe in positive partnerships with a wide variety of organizations, including but not limited to business, social, and educational organizations, all levels of government, and entrepreneurs. These partnerships act as a strong, vibrant, economic catalyst which promotes a healthy business environment for the benefit of all Boundary residents

Community Futures Boundary is committed to serving the entire Boundary and maintains offices and resource centres in both Grand Forks and Greenwood, BC.

We offer a comprehensive Business Analyst service for Boundary residents interested in Self-Employment, as well as offering services to established businesses and industry.

Our Small Business Loan Program has seen over 13 million dollars lent to community businesses, entrepreneurs, and industry, stimulating Boundary economic growth.

Some of the services we offer in the Boundary area:

Both our Grand Forks and Greenwood offices offer exceptional programs: