Board of Directors

Steering The Way:

Community Futures Boundary has a hard-working and dedicated local Board of Directors who are committed to enhancing and stimulating the economic growth of the Boundary area.

These unpaid community volunteers are an example of the strength of the Boundary area to be a catalyst for positive community growth.
If you are a Boundary resident and interested in volunteering to serve on the Board of Directors, please contact the Community Futures Boundary General Manager, Wendy McCulloch at (250) 442-2722 for more information.

Becoming a Board Member of Community Futures Boundary:

We have a Board capacity of 10 members. Applications for Board Membership will be accepted upon any vacancies. All decisions will be made at the Annual General Meeting which is held in June of each year.
If you have an interest in joining our Board, please send a letter to request a Board Package with a copy of a current Resume to:

Chairman of the Board
Community Futures Boundary
Box 2949
Grand Forks, BC
V0H 1H0
Tel: (250) 442-2722


Board of Directors Profiles

Duane Eek's picture
Duane Eek
Director at Large, Owner of Local Retail Farm / Ranch Supply Business, Rock Creek, BC
David Turner's picture
David Turner
Chair, Retired Supervisor of Transportation Industry, Grand Forks, BC
Joan Thomas's picture
Joan Thomas
Director, Past Forester / Current Manager of Local Nursery Business, Grand Forks, BC
Alan Cooper's picture
Alan Cooper
Director at Large, Educator, Grand Forks, BC
Leigh Starchuk's picture
Leigh Starchuk
Secretary, Owner - Local Retail & Service Business, Grand Forks, BC
Joe Sioga's picture
Joe Sioga
Director / Loan Review Committee, Owner of Local Storage Business, Christina Lake, BC
Alan Peterson's picture
Alan Peterson
Past Chair, Retired Lawyer, Grand Forks, BC
Mark Olson's picture
Mark Olson
Treasurer, Retired Chartered Accountant, Grand Forks, BC
Jeanne Campbell's picture
Jeanne Campbell
Vice Chair, Owner / Hairstylist of Professional Hair Service Business, Rock Creek, BC
Jim Nathorst's picture
Jim Nathorst
Director at Large, Small Business/Local Government, Greenwood, B.C.