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Boundary Region Meat Sector Project - Phase 2 Consultant RFP

Employer Name: 
RDKB and Community Futures Boundary
Job Location: 
Boundary area

Detailed Scope of Work Requirements:

Appendix A

Responsibilities of consultant:

Familiarize themselves with the following reports (attached in link):

  • Boundary Meat Sector Study: Identifying Options for Expansion ( May 2017)
  • Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network – From Convenience to Commitment: Securing the Long-Term Viability of Local Meat & Poultry Processing (June 2013)
  • Beef in Northern BC: A comprehensive analysis of the Highway 16 cattle operations (March 2014)
  • BC Meat Processing Sector:  ‘Cut to the bone’ – Labour Market Partnership Engagement Final Report (December 2016)

Research and produce a SWOT analysis of different models of ownership of infrastructure in the meat processing industry in the Boundary.  Models should include:

  • Private corporation
  • Co-op (various models)
  • Social Benefit Corporation
  • Non Profit

Factors to consider in analysis:

  • Investment & governance structure
  • Reasonable risk to investors/worthwhile investment
  • What it looks like to be an investor
  • Potential effects on abattoir owner, cut & wrap shops and livestock operations
  • Possibility of public funding (SIDIT, Gaming, Gas Tax, Rural Dividend, Ministry of Agriculture, etc.)
  • Investor/membership open to public or limited to producers/processors
  • Legal & business considerations
  • Presentation of options must be easily understood by the potential investors
  • Possibility of expansion into marketing in future

Examples & recommendation:

  • Provide options
  • Identify a preferred model
  • Provide examples of similar undertakings in other jurisdictions

Regular interaction with Steering Committee; mostly by teleconference

  • To brainstorm SWOT
  • To review materials

Identify Next Steps:

  • Outline steps required to create new organization
  • Estimate costs of incorporating
  • Provide a broad strokes costing for identified solutions;  e.g. building a cooling facility, uses for cooling facility (e.g. aging carcasses, longer term storage of frozen meat cuts to support year round meat sales)

Visits to the community:  (establish relationships):

  1. Initial, separate meetings with Steering Committee, abattoir owner, cut & wrap shops
  2. Meetings one-on-one with likely investors to explain and explore investment/business model options.
  3. Once a preferred organization model is established, meet with the potential investors as a group. The expected outcome of the meeting will be a list showing a clear indication of level of interest from committed investors, providing their phone# and the amount they’d be willing to invest.

Required Reports to be produced:

  • Detailed SWOT of organization types
  • Condensed presentation materials for above
  • Examples of similar projects in other jurisdictions
  • Next Steps Report (includes estimated cost of incorporation, broad stroke costing/feasibility study for recommended investments)

For full details on the RFP, please click on this link 


Posting Will Expire: 
Wednesday, January 24, 2018
How to Apply
Application Procedure: 

Proposals will be accepted in the following formats:

Courier mail, regular mail, email (PDF format only) until 4:00 pm Pacific Time on Jan 24 2018 directed to:

Jennifer Wetmore, Manager, Community Economic Development,
Community Futures Boundary,
Box 2949, Grand Forks B.C.
V0H 1H0

Phone: 250-442-2722 or 877-267-9399


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