Community Economic Development Fee For Service

What You Need To Know:

Community Futures Boundary provides services such as:

  •     Grant/proposal writing
  •     Event planning
  •     Technical support
  •     Facilitating Strategic Planning events
  •     Community Planning
  •     Working with Community Groups
  •     Community Consultation
  •     Networking
  •     Partnership Development
  •     Project Management
  •     Business planning

Fee For Service Guidelines

Guidelines are required to determine what services will have a fee attached and who/what will be required to pay a fee (individual, not for profit, for profit etc) and how much.

  • Fees are based on a sliding scale, for special circumstances.
  • An initial fee is charged for all services and would vary depending on which service was utilized. For grant writing the initial fee would be about $450.00
  • For grants, proposals and applications requesting funding, a percentage of the amount requested is charged “upon approval”. Upon approval, Community Futures will collect 2% of approved amount.
  • Facilitating is based on a daily rate of $850.00-$1500.00/day.
  • Services that are ongoing, such as planning or working with community groups, have clearly outlined parameters and breakdowns with a price allocated to each phase of the project.
  • Project management fees consider the dollar value of the project as well as time line.

Our Services

  • Video conferences
  • Meeting/conference facilities
  • Lab/computer rental
  • Business exchange
  • Social Media assistance